Take a trip to Ponce, the Pearl of the South.

We take you to the Parque de Bombas ( picture ). It was built for a volunteer fire-fighters' brigade. Nowadays it is home to a museum and the visitor center of Ponce.

Ponce is home to a lot of museums. The Ponce Museum of Art has one of the finest collections of European and Latin American art. The Museum of Puerto Rican Music is where you will find an interesting showcase of the history of Puerto Rican music, featuring Indian, Spanish and African musical instruments. The Museo Castillo Serralles on Vigía Hill, once home to one of Puerto Rico's sugar barons, is a beautiful mansion with Moorish and Andalusian details.

Visit the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Centre, a short drive from Ponce. This is an ancient Indian burial ground. A replica of a Taino Indian village has been built near the museum.

A day trip to Ponce starts at $ 55.

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