Bioluminescent Lagoon

Bioluminescent Lagoon

Experience one of the wonders of nature! The hottest tour on the planet!

The underwater mosaic of light, each tiny dot of it resembling a firefly, is produced by microscopic plankton that create light through a chemical reaction when disturbed. The tiny organisms, known as dinoflagellates, feed on blue- green algae that flourish in the saltwater lagoon, making their concentrations higher than in regular seawater.

We offer a guided tour in a non-polluting electric-powered boat ( min. 4 persons ). The right choice for a personal experience is the kayak tour. Kayaks for 1 -3 persons are available. Make sure to bring bathing suits and get an unforgettable experience, like paddling through stardust!


Located at Fajardo, 2hrs. Guided kayaking tour. Includes expert tour guides assistance, equipment, and explanation on eco system and the bioluminescence. We provide Water or refreshments. Cost: $45.00pp. Cost with transportation depends on hotel location. Pick-ups between: 5:00pm to 6:00pm (depending on hotel) back to hotel close to 11:00pm. It depends on season

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